What Are Enterprise Browsers and How Do They Increase Your Security? 2023

Enterprise browsers provide greater security for enterprises even if they are still relatively young. This is all the information you require.


More than ever, businesses are the target of hackers. Despite the fact that all ethical companies spend money on security, many hacking attempts are nonetheless successful. Private information theft, downtime, and general disruption could result from this.

Using a corporate browser is one modern method of attack defence. Corporate browsers provide noticeably greater security standards and improved defence against browser-based assaults. As a result, they close off a key attack vector while protecting workers where they perform the majority of their work.

the definition of an enterprise browser

What Is an Enterprise Browser?

A browser that has been created expressly for use by businesses is known as an enterprise browser. Despite the fact that conventional browsers are frequently used in professional contexts, they were not created for this application. As a result, security isn’t always emphasised and many things that a corporation would like to have are left out. Corporate browsers provide a substitute with better capabilities.

Why Should a Business Use an Enterprise Browser?

Today’s office workers utilise browsers for much more than merely perusing the web. Employees are utilising their browsers for practically all of their duties as a result of the rising use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. As a result, browsers are becoming a more frequent target for hackers.

Also, cybercriminals have a variety of tools at their disposal. Drive-by downloads, malicious plug-ins, and man-in-the-browser assaults are all examples of browser-based attacks. An business browser provides heightened defence against each of these dangers.

What Characteristics Characterize Corporate Browsers?

Despite the fact that corporate browsers are still in their infancy, several options are now available. Several corporate browsers offer a wide range of functions, however individual features might differ.

Improved Security

Compared to regular browsers, enterprise browsers offer a larger variety of security capabilities. They include the ability to limit what users may do based on their function inside the business, sandboxing, and screenshot protection.

Controlled Centrally

With enterprise browsers, an administrator may modify browser preferences and have them applied to all users. This makes it simple to roll out new security regulations throughout the whole company.

More Individualization

You have more customization choices with enterprise browsers. This third-party can be automatically incorporated into the browser if your company utilises it. Certain business-focused browsers also enable unique branding.

Higher Visibility

Business browsers make browser activity visible. An administrator may see what users do, including the websites they visit and other activities.

Compliance Assistance

Features in enterprise browsers are helpful for adhering to security rules. Several sorts of information must be kept secret for business purposes, and a corporate browser may help with this by providing built-in encryption and access restrictions.

What Are the Drawbacks of Business Browsers?

Enterprise browsers have several advantages, but they also have some drawbacks.

More Training Is Necessary for Enterprise Browsers

Enterprise browsers require staff training before being implemented in a firm, much like other new technologies do. Given that many corporate browsers are Chromium-based (i.e., comparable to Google Chrome), the requirement for training should be reduced. Nonetheless, this still necessitates asking people to use a browser they have never used, which may at first annoy them.

Per-User Fees are Common for Business Browsers

While commercial browsers often charge a per-user fee, standard browsers are free to use. So, enterprise browsers might not be appropriate for small organisations with tight finances.

Business Browsers Are Emerging Technologies

Business browsers are relatively new products with a small user base. Any organisation that uses an enterprise browser is entrusting the security of their enterprise to a startup. An

Alternatives to Enterprise Browsers

Enterprise browsers are not your sole choice if you want to improve browser security. Companies can also think about utilising browser isolation and security plug-ins.

Protection Plug-Ins

Plug-ins may dramatically increase the security of common browsers. This allows for the addition of several security measures seen in corporate browsers to regular browsers. But, plug-ins do not offer centralised control or monitoring. Nothing prevents staff from making them inoperable, either.

Client Isolation

Many businesses decide to operate browsers independently, that is, in a virtual environment that is isolated from the rest of the system. With browser isolation, nothing that occurs in the browser’s environment may have an impact on the rest of the network.

How to Choose an Enterprise Browser

There are currently a few corporate browsers available, and the number will probably climb. Here’s how to select a business-friendly corporate browser.

Verify the security features

Although their precise capabilities differ, all workplace browsers are advertised as being secure. It’s critical to be aware of the characteristics you desire and to make choices accordingly. It’s also important to contrast the functionality offered with what may be accomplished with a basic browser and plug-ins.

Putting privacy first

Your preferred browser should respect user privacy and adhere to all privacy laws. Although it could be ideal, not all employees will feel comfortable being constantly watched over.

Support Productivity

Productivity shouldn’t suffer as a result of increased security. Consideration should be given to performance speed. Activities that are required for employees to carry out their jobs shouldn’t be blocked by the browser either. Moreover, check sure the browser works with all of the technologies that your company now employs.

Ensure that it is simple to use.

The browser need to be simple to use and comparable to other types of browsers. Less training will be necessary to introduce the browser if it is similar to what the employees already use.

Enterprise Browsers Offer Increased Security for Any Business

Any company that wishes to protect itself against browser-based threats should take enterprise browsers into consideration. Despite being brand-new and untested goods, they provide a wide range of characteristics that can enhance security.

Business browsers can have certain drawbacks, though. They frequently demand a per-user cost and extensive training to implement. Businesses should think about if they can accomplish the same goal using security plug-ins or browser isolation before selecting a corporate browser.

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