The Netflix Tagger Job: Legit Dream Work or Nightmare Scam?

That seems like a wonderful The Netflix Tagger Job to be paid to watch Netflix all day, right? Yet, it’s not as easy as it seems, and in most situations, it’s a nightmare scam.


Have you just come across a job posting for a “Netflix Tagger” gig that pays you to watch Netflix? Perhaps a buddy told you about this position or you seen a video praising it, but you still want to learn more. This job really exist, but it’s not as straightforward or simple to acquire as it would appear.

What are the prerequisites for this position and how frequently does Netflix employ for it? How can you tell whether the job description is legitimate? What steps should you take if you submit an application for a phoney job listing?

Netflix Taggers: Responsibilities and Skills Required

According to the job description, this work includes viewing Netflix episodes and adding particular tags to make it easier for the streaming service’s millions of customers to discover the content they’re looking for. That seems like a dream come true to be compensated to watch your favourite shows, right? It’s not as easy as it appears, regrettably.

The employment qualifications don’t only involve watching television all day, which is something that practically everyone enjoys, according to some previous job advertisements. Instead than merely viewing Netflix, the position include categorising, rating, researching, and improving title-level metadata for Netflix Originals.

Also, not everybody is qualified to apply for this job. A minimum of five years’ experience working in the film or television industry is required of the candidate.

Even if you have the necessary training and experience, you won’t get hired right away. It’s because Netflix doesn’t often fill jobs like this one; the most recent listing we could find at the time of writing was from 2018. Netflix may have hired for this post after that year, but it is difficult to discover advertisements for this role, indicating a low frequency of hiring for this role.

The majority of job postings for Netflix taggers on the internet are false and placed by con artists who want to acquire your personal information in order to conduct fraud. When you find a job like this posted online, you should be cautious because it doesn’t come up for grabs very often. The question is, how can you know whether the job posting is real?

How to Ensure a Job Posting Is Real

To Find out where and by whom a job posting was made in order to confirm its legitimacy. As a respected business, Netflix doesn’t post job openings directly on Twitter or LinkedIn or advertise them on arbitrary websites or social media platforms.

Every time a position opens up, Netflix posts a notice on the Netflix Job Board or from the company’s page on websites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others that allow job postings. One approach to be sure it’s not a con artist posing as Netflix is to visit the Netflix Job Board to validate the position is indeed open if you see it advertised on any recruitment website. In addition, here are a few broad indicators you should watch for:

  • If a job listing is posted on a random website or social media platform from an unofficial account, it’s a scam.
  • If a Netflix Tagger job description says, “No experience required”, it’s a scam.
  • A genuine job listing does not evoke a sense of urgency, but a fake one does. When you are told to hurry up because opportunities are limited, think twice about applying.

If the Job Listing Is Real, Is It Really Right for You?

Filmmaking expertise and a related degree are required for Netflix Tagger employment. Hence, even if you see a legitimate job posting on the Netflix Employment Board, consider if you fulfil the requirements. Do not spend your time applying if you do not satisfy the employment criteria, which includes having the necessary training or experience.

Instead, concentrate your employment search on openings that match your areas of expertise. One strategy to improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams is to do that.

Why Do Scammers Post Fake Netflix Tagger Jobs?

The majority of fraudulent job offers are promoted to get peoples’ personal information. Scammers seek for too much personal information on the employment application they attach to these job postings. The information that applicants must submit includes their name, email address, residential address, yearly income, family composition, social security number, and more.

No one wants to provide this critical information to just anybody. In order to trick potential victims into applying, con artists craft false job advertising that appear to be from credible businesses. If it’s genuine, candidates filling out such applications unintentionally give criminals access to their personal data.

By doing this, information can be exposed, which can subsequently be used for phishing, brushing, and other unscrupulous activities.

Got Tricked by Fake Job Posts? Here’s What You Should Do

There isn’t much you can do if you’ve already submitted the phoney Netflix Tagger application and given criminals your personal information. Do not fall for these traps since con artists have access to your sensitive information and may send you phishing emails or contact you on your phone number pretending to be from a respected firm.

Call your bank right away to get your accounts and cards blocked if you filled out the form with financial information as well. Report it to the proper authorities if you have given criminals access to your social security number. By doing this, you will shield yourself from legal ramifications in the event that fraudsters exploit your identity to defraud others.

Beware of Fake Netflix Tagger Job Offers

Jobs like Netflix taggers do exist, although they are rarely advertised. Not everyone can apply since the role demands a strong educational foundation and expertise. If you come across one of these job postings, make sure it’s legitimate by checking Netflix’s official website. If the listing or advertisement turns out to be false, report it.

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