How To Claim Compensation For Slipping On Ice Or Snow

In this guide, we explain how to claim compensation for injuries caused by a slip, trip or fall on ice or snow if it was caused by another party’s negligence. If you slipped on ice at work, want to make a public liability claim against a local authority for a slip on ice Advertisements You wish to … Read more


Bicycle & Cycling Injury Payouts

Welcome to our guide to claiming cycle accident compensation, which discusses bicycle accident claim payouts and the average compensation for being knocked off a bike.Bike accident claims have the potential to be complex. Advertisements After suffering an injury while out cycling on your bicycle, the last thing you want is to go out gathering evidence … Read more

Broken Chair Accident Claims United States

Welcome to our broken chair accident claims guide. Below, we explain what falling off chair injuries someone could suffer from a chair breaking, and why broken office chairs could lead to a personal injury claim. We also explain how a broken chair accident could lead to a claim, and how we could help with personal … Read more

Work Injury Compensation Claim – What Evidence Do I Need?

Evidence is an important part of a personal injury claim, and the supporting evidence you can collect could help ensure that you are awarded your work injury compensation. Evidence of the fault Injury Compensation Advertisements You can collect any evidence that can help prove your employer’s role in your accident. This can be evidence such … Read more

Accident at Work Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Stephen Burke. Last Updated 11th May 2023. Welcome to our accident at work claims guide. Here, we explore claims for a workplace accident. This injury at work claim guide explains how to claim after being injured in an accident at work if third-party negligence was to blame. Advertisements We’ll provide guidance on claiming accident at … Read more