Road traffic accident compensation claims FAQs

What happens with serious or life-threatening car accident injuries Road traffic accident? We could help you get a car accident compensation payout that could help with rehabilitation costs, as well as loss of earnings. It could also compensate you for ongoing or future costs, as well as for your suffering and pain.


Our lawyers have years of experience in assisting claimants with a wide range of injuries. Please speak to us if you have concerns about medical costs or future earnings losses. We will explain what we could include within your car crash compensation claim.

How does car insurance decide who is at fault?

The insurers consider the evidence to determine who holds the greatest percentage of responsibility.

Should I call my insurance company after Road traffic accident?

Yes, you should inform your insurers after an accident of any severity.

What is the average payout for a car Road traffic accident

If you suffering injuries in a road accident and you’re intending on making road traffic accident compensation claims, you might wonder how to prove your injuries. Doing so could prove pivotal to how much compensation you’d receive.

Seeing your own doctor or visiting the hospital is important if you suffer injuries so that you can get the advice and treatment you need. However, doing this would not provide enough evidence for road traffic accident compensation claims. Instead, you would have to visit an independent medic for an independent medical assessment.

The medical professional you see would perhaps review relevant past medical notes, and they would also examine you. They could ask questions about your injuries, and they may even need to order tests, such as scans, to get a full picture of the nature and severity of your injuries.

The report Road traffic accident

Once they have done this, they could put together a medical report to provide independent evidence of how you’ve suffered. The medical report could even detail their professional opinion of your prognosis.

Can I make personal injury claims for a car accident involving a drunk driver?

If you’re considering claiming hit and run compensation, or for car crash compensation with a drink driver, you could claim through a number of different channels. You could claim car crash compensation involving a foreign driver or a hit and run from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau.

You could make some types of car accident injury claim against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in some cases. In others, you could claims against the at fault party’s insurance.

To find out who your claim for car accident compensation would be against, as well as discovering what is the average payout for a car accident in the UK, please call our team.

Statistics Road traffic accident

You can see from the Department for Transport statistics below the spread of severity of injury in car accident in GB for 2020-21. This illustrates why it could be impossible to find out exactly what is the average payout for a car accident in the UK and relate it to your case.

Can you give me some top tips for claiming car crash compensation?

We could give you some top tips for claiming car crash compensation over the phone. However, you can see some general tips below:

  • If you can, seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible after the accident. This can help ensure you receive the correct treatment for your injuries. You can use your medical records as medical evidence to support your claim.
  • Take pictures of your injuries and the accident scene
  • If possible, approach witnesses to ask if they could provide contact details, which can be used to gather statements at a later date
  • Make sure to swap details with the other motorist involved, such as insurance details
  • Report the accident to the police if necessary

For more information, call our team. They can provide free legal advice.

What is the average payout for a neck injury caused?

As we have mentioned, there is no average payout for a neck injury caused by a car accident in the UK for 2022. However, we can provide some guideline payout amounts for injuries suffered in road traffic accidents.

If we look at the Judicial College Guidelines, currently on its 16th edition, released in April 2022, it provides guidance on neck injury payout brackets. It also provides guidelines on other injuries. You’ll find some of these figures in the compensation table earlier on in this guide. 

What is the average payout for a car accident in the UK from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau?

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau could handle those who wish to claim compensation from a car accident caused by an uninsured or untraceable driver. If either an untraceable or uninsured driver causes a crash or other accident in which you suffer injuries, you might worry that you couldn’t make a claim.

However, we could help eligible claimants get compensation from a car accident involving untraceable or uninsured drivers.

However, we would not give you information about the average compensation for a car accident in the UK via the MIB. This would not have any bearing on your own case, as each claim is different.

We could, however, give you some car accident compensation examples from UK claims. Plus, we could assess your case to give you a rough idea of how much compensation from a car accident your claim could achieve. 

Final words relating to car crash compensation & what is the average

We hope this guide on car accident claims has been useful and you have a greater understanding of this type of claim. Now we’ve given you some insight into the average payout for a car accident in the UK, you might be wanting to make a car accident injury claim with our car crash compensation claim solicitors.

If so, you’re welcome to contact Accident Claims today using the contact details found in this car crash compensation guide.

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