Restaurant Accident Compensation Claims Guide

Welcome to our guide, where we will be taking the time to discuss restaurant accident compensation. Throughout this guide, we shall provide restaurants accident compensation and outline how a personal injury lawyer could offer to handle your claim could be handled under a No Win No Fee agreement.


We explain  what to do when you get injured at a restaurant, offering insight into restaurant negligence cases. Further to this, we also answer common questions such as ‘What are the most common accidents in a restaurant?’ and explain how to sue a restaurant for negligence.

What to do when you get injured at a restaurant

When we go to a restaurant (or any eatery), we expect to enjoy a good meal and great service whether we choose to dine on our own, with a partner, children, or friends. We don’t expect to take a trip to the hospital because of allergic reactions or injuries. However, there are cases when this happens. A bout of food poisoning may be the most obvious illness associated with accidents in restaurants.

Still, several other types of injuries and incidents can happen in any restaurant in any town city or country. This includes everything from slips and trips to experiencing a broken tooth at a restaurant.

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Restaurant accident compensation claimsNo matter what has happened to you in a restaurant, you will be able to claim compensation if you can prove that the incident was not your fault and was indeed the restaurant’s fault. This is something we can help you to do at Accident Claims UK. We have years of experience in restaurant accident compensation claims, and you can reach our friendly team on 0800 073 8801.

But before you give us a call, make sure you read on to find out everything you need to know regarding claiming for an accident that occurred in any type of restaurant or eatery. We have prepared a lot of information to help you understand the complexities behind a claim, and it includes a lot of information that you might not have been privy to before.

A guide to restaurant accident compensation claims

A restaurant or café injury or accident is essentially any type of incident that has taken place in a food or drinks establishment that has caused an illness or injury. This could be anything from suffering food poisoning to slipping in a restaurant because of poor maintenance.

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about restaurant accident compensation claims. This includes details regarding the expected duty of care in a restaurant, food poisoning claims, slips, trips, and falls, the level of compensation you could receive, how to make a claim, and much more.

If you still have any queries by the time you finish reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact more information. You will find our contact details at the end of our compensation guidelines for personal injury cases in restaurants.

What types of injuries and illnesses can you get in a restaurant?

Many different situations can result in someone getting injured at a restaurant or coming down with an illness. Some of the most common types of restaurant mishaps or accidents include the likes of…

  • Physical injuries that have been caused due to an entrance or car park that has not been maintained properly
  • Burn injuries that have been caused by food that has been served too hot
  • Falls caused by damaged furniture, damaged floors, poor lights, or poor railings
  • Slippery and wet toilets
  • Falls or slips on wet floors that have not been correctly signposted
  • Badly cooked food
  • Substandard quality in terms of the beverages and goods served

Food poisoning caused by stale, substandard, or poorly prepared food and drinks

Food poisoning happens when eating contaminated food. If the restaurant has not prepared your meal correctly or used out-of-date ingredients, you may fall sick. This can also happen if they follow unsafe cooking practices, for example, if they use the same utensils for both raw meat and vegetables. Some of the signs that you could have food poisoning include…

  • Feeling generally unwell, for example, having chills and aches or feeling tired.
  • A high temperature of 38C or above
  • Stomach cramps
  • Being sick
  • Diarrhoea
  • Feeling sick

We have helped many people to launch restaurant accident compensation claims for food poisoning. Call us today for more information.

Slips, trips, and falls in a restaurant

I fell in a restaurant, what do I do? You will be pleased to know that we have also launched many restaurant injury and illness negligence claims for slips, trips and falls, so simply give us a call. Many situations could lead to such accidents, including slips caused by slippery accidents due to damaged furniture and poor railings or poor lighting. It is important to note that such accidents can happen to both customers and staff members, and you have a right to claim irrespective of what category you fall into. After all, employers have a duty to ensure that their workforce is safe and their customers.

Need free advice on restaurant accident compensation claims? If so, please call today.

Burns, scalds and similar injuries in a restaurant

Again, these sorts of restaurant accident compensation claims can relate to both customers and members of staff. In terms of customers, such incidents tend to occur when they have been served food that is too hot, or a staff member has dropped something hot onto the customer.

For employees, if you have been burnt or scalded due to your own clumsiness, you won’t be able to claim. However, if your employer has encouraged unsafe working practices, allowed you to use equipment that is broken without any warning, or has enabled you to carry out tasks you are not trained for, he or she could be to blame for your burn injury. If so, you can make a restaurant accident compensation claim.

What health and safety duty of care does a restaurant owe customers or staff?

In the UK, all business owners have a responsibility, by law, to make sure their environment is safe for both their workforce and their members of staff. This includes taking action, such as providing the right level of training and carrying out risk assessments.

If they fail in this duty, you will be well within your right to claim compensation. You can head to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive website for further details regarding the responsibilities to all employers in the UK, including restaurant owners and other types of food and drink establishments.

Statistics for restaurant accidents and illness in the UK

Here are a few statistics regarding restaurant illnesses and accidents in the United Kingdom:

  • The most common restaurant mishaps include hot food and beverage accidents, food poisoning, and slips.
  • To ensure the operator or owner of a restaurant pays compensation, regulations like the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 are in according to the HSE, roughly 35 per cent of all reported injuries involving restaurant staff members happen due to falls and s HSE.

What are the long-term effects of an accident or injury in a restaurant?

All restaurant accident and injury cases are different. The long-term implications will depend on the accident that has taken place and the long-term prognosis. Some people are left with physical injuries that will impact them for the rest of their life.

There are then those that suffer severe physiological trauma because of what has happened. It is important to recognise that you can claim for both the physical and mental injuries you have suffered. It is also vital to know that your long-term prognosis will be considered when the payout is being determined.

Why should you claim restaurant accident compensation?

You might think that if you’re injured in a restaurant, that it’s just one of those things. You might think it wouldn’t be fair to seek restaurant accident compensation because it could affect the business or the member of staff involved.

However, compensation is not a fine or a penalty. It is designed to help you recover from your injuries. The recovery process can cost a lot of money. For instance, injuries sustained in a restaurant could mean you lose income. You may also need to pay for specialist treatment that’s not available on the NHS. These costs could be covered by a compensation payout.

You shouldn’t worry about the impact of your claim on the restaurant either. That’s because restaurant accident compensation claims are made against the establishment’s insurance policy which all businesses must have to cover such a claim. Your claim will be against the insurance policy and therefore won’t affect the restaurant’s profitability.

In summary, claiming for an injury sustained in a restaurant won’t make all of your problems go away. However, any award you receive should a) compensate for any pain caused, b) put you back in the same financial position you were in before the accident and c) help you to cope with any ongoing problems caused by the accident.

Please speak with our team if you would like to know any more about how we can help with the claims process.

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