Newest SINDH Police Job Posting for 2023

Newest SINDH Police Job Posting for 2023: So, Forces Policing Sindh When it comes to law enforcement in Pakistan, the residents of Sindh province may rely on a governmental agency called Pakistan. Because, During British administration, the department was established in 1894. The Home Minister of Sindh appoints the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) to command the police.


According to the 18th amendment, the whole province of Sindh now falls within the purview of the Sindh Police. The Sindh police force is Pakistan’s provincial police force responsible for maintaining order in the province of Sindh. A.D. Khowaja serves as the IGP, and the force is split into 16 different zones supervised by Deputy Inspectors General (administrative zones).

Police The Pakistani police force is the country’s primary law enforcement institution. There is no unified national police force in Pakistan; instead, police are constituted at the provincial level and function under the jurisdiction of individual provinces, although the federal government nevertheless maintains effective overall authority over them via the Ministry of Interior. A district police officer (DPO) in Pakistan is the highest ranking law enforcement official in his territory and is responsible for conducting criminal investigations and bringing those responsible to justice.

Newest SINDH Police Job Posting for 2023

The Sindh Police are Pakistan’s provincial law enforcement agency in the Sindh province. The Sindh Police force is in charge of investigating crimes and enforcing the law. The province-wide structure is broken up into a number of smaller sub-units and districts. The Sindh Police force is responsible for maintaining order in the Pakistani province of Sindh. Karachi, Sindh’s largest city and headquarters, serves as its home base. Sindh Police is divided into four divisions: Operations, Investigation, Crime Branch, and Traffic Branch.

Find Lower Subordinate, Constable, Naib Qasid, and Driver openings with the Sindh Police in Pakistan. The Sindh Police is a government agency that operates out of Karachi.

Vacancies / Positions

  • Constable
  • Cook
  • Naib Qasid
  • Sanitary Worker

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applications that are not complete or those are submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  2. The original papers must be presented by the candidate at the time of the interview.
  3. Only those that make the cut will be contacted for an interview.
  4. No travel expenses, including lodging, will be reimbursed for the selection/interview process.
 Newest SINDH Police Job Posting for 2023:
Newest SINDH Police Job Posting for 2023

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