Lidl Accident Claims Guide | How Much I Claim?

If you want to know anything about Lidl accident claims, this is the guide for you. Lidl is a popular choice of supermarket for many people living in the UK, and around the world for that matter. The discount supermarket chain has thousands of employees in the country, many shoppers on a daily basis.


While accidents at Lidl may be rare, they do happen, and if you have been injured in such an incident, compensation may be an option for you. We have helped many people to launch such supermarket claims, including those who have slipped on water in Lidl,

Been hurt due to a car park pot hole, tripped over an object in one of the aisles, and much more. So long as someone else is responsible for the incident, you should explore the option of claiming. With that in mind, read on to discover more.

A guide to claiming for Lidl accidents

No matter whether you are looking for Lidl accident at work compensation examples or you want to know what to do to secure slipped in Lidl compensation, this guide will cover it. If you work at Lidl, it is your employer’s duty to provide a safe and healthy environment.

The same applies if you shop at Lidl; you don’t expect to come into harm’s way while you are doing your shopping. Therefore, compensation is a real possibility for anyone that has been hurt while at Lidl, including those involved in car park incidents. But, you may be wondering what to do next?

Or, whether there is a Lidl accident at work claim time limit? No matter your queries, this guide aims to provide the information you need. Plus, you will find our contact information at the end should you have any more queries that you would like answered.

What is a ‘Lidl accident’ classed as?

The phrase ‘Lidl accident’ simply refers to any sort of accident that has happened at any Lidl store in the UK. This includes incidents in Lidl car parks too, as the company is responsible for all of their premises. It also refers to accidents that have involved workers and members of the general public too.

I have suffered an injury while at Lidl, what are the next steps I need to take?

There are some important steps you need to take if you have been hurt while at a Lidl store in the UK. No matter the circumstances of your case, taking the steps mentioned below will help to strengthen your claim and provide solid evidence that could lead to the highest payout being achieved.

  • Make some notes: Write down everything that you can remember about the incident as soon as you get the opportunity to do so.
  • Report the accident to Lidl management: There needs to be a recording of the incident in the Lidl accident book. All companies are required to have one of these by law. It will also serve as an official record of what has happened, making it good proof for your case.
  • Get witness contact details: Jot down their name, telephone number, address, and email address if possible.
  • Take photographs of the scene and/or your injuries – If your injuries are visible, and/or there is damage at the scene, use your phone to take some photos.
  • See a doctor – This is a pretty obvious step for someone that has been injured. Nonetheless, after suffering a minor injury, a lot of people try to care for themselves. This is not recommended. It is bad for your health firstly, and it will harm your chances of claiming too.
  • Keep a note of all costs experienced – You can claim for these as special damages, but you do need proof. This includes everything from travel costs to loss of earnings.

The claiming process for Lidl accident cases

The claiming process is something that a lot of people feel intimidated by, but there is really no need to. All you have to do is leave everything in our capable hands. We will handle everything for you, so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

So, this means that the claiming process is as straightforward as calling us, benefitting from a free consultation, and then allowing us to guide you along the way. We will tell you what you need to do and when. Don’t worry; we won’t pester you.

We know how important your recovery is, and so we want you to focus on that, and we will focus on the legal side of things. If a local medical is required, this can usually be arranged by your solicitor.

I was shopping at Lidl when I was injured, can I claim for this?

There are many different ways people can end up injured while shopping at a supermarket like Lidl. Some common examples include:

  • Slipping because of a wet floor or spillage that had not been marked
  • Tripping due to a misplaced object that was instructing an aisle
  • Falling ill due to food poisoning from one of the products
  • Being injured due to a faulty product sold in store

No matter what type of incident you have been involved in, you will be able to claim, yes, so long as you can show that Lidl are responsible for what has happened to you and that you did not hurt yourself.

I was working at Lidl when I was injured, can I claim for this?

Do you want to make a Lidl back injury at work claim? Perhaps your employer has refused to give you enough breaks and you have been diagnosed with a RSI as a result? We have many

Lidl Accident Claims Guide

Lidl Accident Claims Guide

years of experience in Lidl claims for employees, and so you can count on us to get the high level of compensation you deserve.

In the UK, all employers – Lidl included – need to follow the stringent health and safety regulations that are in place. If they have failed to do this, and you have been injured as a consequence, you are well within your right to seek compensation. Some of the most common cases of accidents in a supermarket workplace are as follows:

  • Injuries sustained due to defective machinery
  • Injuries due to insufficient training
  • Injuries that have occurred because unsafe work practices have been encouraged
  • Injuries due to an unqualified person performing a job that has put them in danger with the employers consent
  • Injuries because of a lack of regular breaks
  • Injuries that have happened because the correct PPE has not been provided
  • Injuries due to risk assessments not been carried out
  • Injuries because of a lack of provision being put in place for risk assessment findings

Irrespective of the type of incident that has taken place, if you are worried that you cannot claim because you will lose your job. This is something you should not be fretting about. You cannot be fired for making a claim. There are laws in place to protect you from such a scenario. You simply need to make sure you handle the whole process professionally and considerately, which is where we come in.

Information on trips, slips and falls at Lidl and claiming for them

Slip trip fall claims are exceptionally common, especially for people that have been injured in a supermarket environment. If you have had a slip in Lidl or a trip in Lidl, we can help. This is an area that we have an extensive amount of experience in.

The main factor in such cases is being able to prove that Lidl is to blame. If you have tripped out of sheer clumsiness, you certainly cannot claim. There are some cases whereby there is a bit of grey area in regards to who is to blame.

If it is deemed that both you and Lidl are jointly responsible, you could still get some compensation, but it will be a lot lower due to the fact that you were involved. The best thing to do is call us and we can explore the individual circumstances of your case further.

I was using the car park in Lidl when I was injured, can I claim for this?

A lot of people call us to ask if Lidl accident compensation claims can be launched for accidents that have happened in the car park. They most certainly can. After all, Lidl is responsible for this area, and so if they have not maintained their car park properly and this has resulted in an accident,

they owe the victim compensation. It is as simple as that. But, what if another driver has crashed into you and hurt you? If this happens, you can still make a claim, but you will be making it against the other driver, rather than Lidl.

If I make a claim, what damages will I get?

When you launch a claim for compensation, you are going to be claiming for a number of different damages. These damages can be split up into two categories: special damages and general damages. Let’s deal with the former first.

This part of compensation has been designed to make sure that the accident has not put you out of pocket. You will be able to claim for any costs that have been directly because of your injuries, for example, car parking at the hospital and counselling expenses to get over the trauma of what has happened.

You also need to ask your employer if you are injured at work do I get paid? If not, you can claim for loss of income too, both income you have already lost and income you will lose in the future while you continue to recover. And, what about general damages?

Well, this is the payout that you will get to cover the physical injuries you have been subject to. This is where the medical report your doctor has put together really comes into play.

Common accidents that happen at supermarkets like Lidl

There are so many different types of accidents that can happen in a supermarket environment like Lidl. We are going to go over some of the most common incidents, but before we do that, it is vital to stress that you can still claim even if your incident is not in the list below. It does not matter how uncommon or rare the accident was, you can claim if you can provide Lidl is at fault. So, here are some of the more frequent type of accidents we end up launching claims for:

  • Injuries that have happened because of broken or defective fixtures and shelving.
  • Injuries that have occurred due to a falling object.
  • Fall injuries that have happened because of poor car park maintenance, for example, potholes or an even surface.
  • Injuries that have happened due to the negligence of a member of staff.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Injuries that have occurred because of a faulty product that has been sold.
  • Trip, slip or fall injuries that have occurred because of a wet floor or spillage.
  • Injuries that have happened when a person’s path has been obstructed because of a misplaced product.
  • Injuries that have taken place because of a faulty lift, door or escalator.

When I make a Lidl accident claim, how much money will I receive?

So, you have been injured while at Lidl, and you want to know how much Lidl compensation this means you are entitled to. Well, every case is different, and they are handled on an individual basis. This means that we cannot give you a precise figure, unfortunately.

No solicitor should do this either, as it is impossible to give an accurate number regarding how much you will get. You may be thinking, well I came across a Lidl accident at work calculator online. These calculators have become very popular

But they provide nothing more than a very rough estimate, so please do not pin all of your hopes on this. In the table below, you will see the average payouts for accidents that happen in Lidl, which should give you a better understanding.

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