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Want to start raster sketching and 2D designing on Linux? Install the Linux drawing programme Krita on Linux, which is open-source and cross-platform.


Krita on Linux is a free, cross-platform painting programme aimed towards animators and digital artists. It has made a name for itself in the graphics industry as a cost-effective yet feature-rich substitute for Microsoft Paint and Adobe Fresco.

Krita has a challenging learning curve, but installing it on a Linux computer is simple. Let’s examine the many methods for installing Krita on every Linux distribution.

Install Krita on Linux on Ubuntu and Debian

You may use APT to install Krita from the official repository if your Linux distribution is Debian-based. Krita snap package may also be downloaded from Snap Sto by Ubuntu users.

Using APT

Installing Krita using APT is straightforward. Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt install krita

Enter y to confirm the installation.

From the Snap Store

To install Krita from the Snap Store on Ubuntu, run:

snap install krita

The above command will work on any Linux distro wit

It’s simple to install Krita using APT. Launch a terminal and enter:

install krita using sudo apt

To confirm the installation, type y.

the Snap Shop

Run: to install Krita on Ubuntu from the Snap Store.

Snap Krita into place

Any Linux distribution with the aforementioned command will function

How to Install Krita on Arch Linux

Pacman may be used by Arch Linux users to get Krita from the official repositories:

pacman sudo -S krita

But, to get the development version, you’ll need an AUR helper like Yay:

-S krita-git: yes

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Install Krita on Fedora and RHEL

Users of Arch Linux can use Pacman to download Krita from the official repositories:

sudo pacman -S krita

Nevertheless, you’ll need an AUR helper like Yay in order to obtain the development version:

Indeed, -S krita-git

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Install Krita From Flathub

You may install the Krita Flatpak package from Flathub if your Linux distribution supports Flatpak. You must first add the Flathub repository to your machine, though:

Flatpak remote-add flathub flathub —if-not-exists

Use the below command to install Krita after that:

Install flatpak flathub org.kde.


Krita may then be started by selecting it from the programmes menu

You’ll immediately see that Krita is an excellent Linux alternative to Adobe Photoshop. But, GIMP is another option that you may get without charge if you don’t like Krita.

Downloading the Krita AppImage

In addition to the Snap and Flatpak packages, you may now install Krita using AppImages on any Linux distribution of your choosing.

Download the Krita AppImage from the official website to get started.

Download: Krita (AppImage)

Give the downloaded AppImage execute access by using the cd command to get to the Downloads directory:

chmod +x krita-*.appimage cd Downloads

In order to start Krita, either double-click the AppImage file or use the following command in the terminal:


Be sure to enter the precise and comprehensive p for the aforementioned command to execute.

Digital Art Creation Made Easy With Krita

Krita is a unique digital painting application that welcomes both amateurs and experts. One of the factors contributing to its reputation among the community is its open-source code base. Whatever interests you, Krita can help you get started with digital painting, raster graphics, or 2D animation.

Don’t stop there though. When it comes to free painting programmes for Linux, Krita is only the top of the iceberg. You may experiment with virtual doodling with any of the dozens of different open-source programmes that are available in addition to Krita and MS Paint.

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