How to Fix No Sound on iPhone: 15+ Solutions

Take into account these fixes if your iPhone isn’t receiving text message notifications or playing sound.


Due to incorrectly set up settings or programming flaws, you might not get new SMS messages. In most cases, the problem is transient and may be resolved with a few simple, fast modifications.

Check out these simple fixes if your iPhone isn’t displaying alerts for incoming SMS or iMessages, text messages aren’t showing up on the device, or your locked iPhone isn’t making a sound when you get a text.

Check Notification Settings for Messages

Verify that the Messages app is allowed to display messages on the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and other locations if text messages aren’t appearing as notifications on your iPhone.

To accomplish this, adhere to these easy steps:

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages.

Verify that Allow Notifications is set to green.

Check the boxes next to Banners, Notification Center, and Lock Screen.

Choose a loud message tone by tapping Sounds.

If the real message content isn’t shown on your iPhone’s Lock Screen, choose Always under Display Previews.

The aforementioned actions will result in fresh SMS text messages.

2. Ensure the Person Isn’t Muted

If text messages aren’t showing up as alerts on your iPhone, make sure the Messages app is authorised to display messages on the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and other areas.

Follow these simple steps to do this:

To access messages, go to Settings > Notifications.

Check to see whether Allow Notifications is turned on.

Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners should all have checkmarks next to them.

Just touch Sounds to select a loud message tone.

Choose Always under Display Previews if the actual message content isn’t displayed on your iPhone’s Lock Screen.

New SMS text messages will be sent as a result of the aforementioned operations.

3. Turn Off Silent Mode and DND

There won’t be a notification tone for new texts after you set your iPhone in quiet mode. Turn off quiet mode on your iPhone by pulling up the mute switch that is situated above the volume buttons to repair this.

Second, when your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode, incoming texts do not cause it to vibrate or make a sound. Open the iOS Control Center and check to see if the DND icon (a crescent moon) is purple to resolve this. If so, press it to disable DND.

Moreover, Focus modes in iOS 15 and subsequent versions enable you choose which applications and persons you wish to allow alerts from. Use the Control Center or the Settings app to disable any of these modes if you are using them.

4. Force Quit the Messages App

When in the Messages app on an iPhone with Face ID, steadily slide up from the bottom to the centre of the screen and hold until you see the App Switcher. To force exit the Messaging app, swipe up on the card now.

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone with a Home button, swiftly tap it twice to open the App Switcher. Next, slide up the Messages app card to force the app to quit.

Open this app once more a short while later, and maybe the notification difficulties will be resolved.

5. Ensure iMessage Is Enabled

It’s important to confirm whether iMessage is turned on and active before continuing. To accomplish that, make sure iMessage is enabled by going to Settings > Messages.

After that, click Send & Receive and make sure your email and phone number are right.

6. Restart Your iPhone

On your iPhone, things could occasionally stop working properly because of transient bugs. Often, a brief restart resolves these problems.

Use the physical buttons on your iPhone to switch it off, or go to Settings > General and hit Shut Off. Use the power button on your iPhone or plug in your charger to turn it on after a minute.

7. Turn Off Filter Unknown Senders

With an iPhone, you can automatically filter spam and texts from strangers. You could miss a few important SMS messages when you activate this. Also, the Messages app will segregate any text messages you get from people who aren’t in your contact list into a separate list and won’t alert you to them.

Turn off Filter Unknown Senders under Settings > Messages > Unknown & Spam to resolve this.

8. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

The new text message sound may output via those Bluetooth earbuds or devices rather than the device’s speaker if you forget and leave them attached to your iPhone. Open the Settings app and disable Bluetooth to remedy this. By hitting the Bluetooth icon instead, you may remove these gadgets from the iOS Control Center.

9. Make Sure the Person Isn’t Blocked

If you forget and leave them connected to your iPhone, the new text message sound may play through those Bluetooth earphones or gadgets rather than the device’s speaker. To fix this, open the Settings app and turn Bluetooth off. Instead, you may delete these devices from the iOS Control Center by selecting the Bluetooth icon.

10. Ensure Custom Text Tone Isn’t Set to “None”

The new text message sound can be played through those Bluetooth earbuds or devices instead of the iPhone’s speaker if you forget and leave them connected. Open the Settings app and disable Bluetooth to remedy the issue. Alternatively, by choosing the Bluetooth icon from the iOS Control Center, you may remove these devices.

11. Enable “Notify Me”

Did you mute the discussion because you were in a bad mood after receiving too many group iMessage notifications? If so, activate Notify Me under Settings > Messages. You will no longer get alerts unless someone specifically mentions you in a muted chat. By doing so, you may avoid receiving pointless text messages while being informed of ones that have particular mentions of you.

12. Disable Text Message Forwarding

There are occasions when new text alerts won’t appear on your iPhone if you want to receive messages on your PC or iPad. Turn off text message forwarding for your other Apple devices under Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding to resolve this.

13. Are You Using an Apple Watch?

It’s possible that the Apple Watch won’t play the tone or display text alerts if you’ve enabled them on your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are both running the most recent versions of iOS and watchOS to solve this. Through the Watch app, you can also select to disable SMS alerts on the Apple Watch.

14. Have You Opened the Messages App on Your Mac?

You risk your iPhone not playing the text notification sound for new messages if you keep the Messages app open on your Computer. Quit the Messages app on your Mac to remedy this. Nevertheless, if you’re already using your computer, you may utilise it there.

15. Other Solutions

Don’t give up if none of the aforementioned ideas work; there is still hope.

The first thing you can do is confirm that your mobile plan allows text messaging. Check to make sure your cell plan is active and that there are no unpaid balances.

If you think issues are preventing your device from getting text message notifications from your iPhone, you may need to change the firmware on your iPhone. To do that, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. Update your iOS device to the most recent version to sometimes fix known issues like broken SMS notifications.

Successfully Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

Although it is inconvenient to not get text messages on your iPhone, after using the aforementioned alternatives, you should begin receiving notifications once more.

After everything is functioning as it should, think about leveraging iMessage in creative ways to spice up your app experience. How do discussing the weather and playing games sound, for instance?

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