How to Earn Money by Answering Questions – 10 Paying Websites

How to Earn Money by Answering Questions: Online income generation is possible via a variety of channels. One of them is responding to questions. Just responding to online questions from others might earn users money. All there is to it is that!


There are websites specialized to providing these services to clients. These websites let anybody to ask questions about any topic, and experts will respond in exchange for payment.

If the answer is worthwhile, the experts may profit much from it. Isn’t that easy? So, these question and answer websites are for you if you have knowledge in a certain field and want to earn money in your spare time.

How to Earn Money by Answering Questions – 10 Paying Websites

Here’s the list of Q&A based apps where you can answer people’s questions and make money:


The most well-known website where experts may make money is JustAnswer. They provide a very user-friendly chat system that makes conversing with customers a breeze. You need to be an authority on the topic you are applying for in order to become an expert on our website. There are many other topics you may study, including finance, computing, law, and animals.

You must provide both your personal information and your credentials, such as a scanned copy of your diploma or degree, certificates, etc., after choosing your area of competence. After five to ten days of submitting your application, you should hear back.

Payment Details

Customers of JustAnswer get paid using PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards. The range of payouts for questions is $20 to $50 or more each question.


PrestoExperts is renowned for offering support for a wide range of questions on any given topic around-the-clock. There are several services provided, including technology assistance, business solutions, tutoring in many subjects, and counseling for mental health. Choose from more than 600 categories that match your particular service description to become an expert.

You must complete an application form with your personal information and your expertise in the industry you wish to apply for in order to join PrestoExperts. The best part is that if you are an expert in several areas, you may register for them. You will get an email when a job opening arises.

Payment Details

The experts at PrestoExperts are paid through check or PayPal. You may choose your own session fee as an expert. You must set your fee per minute for a session. Your service cost will start when you accept the call and finish when your session is through, depending on the platform you choose to conduct it, like chat or the phone. The standard cost for specialists is $2 per minute, and they work from there. To discover more about PrestoExperts, go visit their FAQ page.


Maven, a reputable micro-consulting company, employs consultants from all over the world. Customers may get guidance from these consultants on daily choices. Maven serves as a global information marketplace, aiding organizations with decision-making, research, survey completion, and insight-sharing.

You must first register and fill out an application form to become a micro-consultant. Next, decide on an hourly consulting rate that you think is fair, and start building your profile.

Payment Details

Maven pays its customers by Check. Maven consultants choose their own hourly rates based on their level of experience. Check out their FAQ page for additional information.


Another app for questions and answers is Experts123. Compared to most other websites, it operates somewhat differently. Professionals might make money by responding to inquiries from the public or by penning informative articles. You’ll earn more money if more people read your questions or articles. The business could pressure you to provide paid content for additional customers if your articles have a large audience.

Creating a profile on the website requires registration before you can fill it up. Make a list of your areas of expertise after that. There are many themes you may write about, including technology, health, and beauty.

Payment Details

Experts123 compensates its customers using PayPal. There is no set amount of money for answering inquiries and creating articles. The payout rate is determined by the revenue share of the money received from advertisements on your content. But, for any company-paid content, independent writers might make $10-$20.


The website 6ya provides visitors with a range of queries and answers. In essence, you are paid to help calls. A average phone call is just 4 to 5 minutes long. You are free to work whenever and wherever you choose.

Calls may be answered using your smartphone. When you’ve created your profile and established your call hours, you may start working as an expert. You may give support services in over 600 different categories. Presently, 6ya offers services across the United States.

Payment Details

You won’t be charged anything for service calls that last under a minute. You will be automatically paid $3 by 6ya using DirectDeposit for calls lasting more than a minute.


A question-and-answer website based on research is called Wonder. People start working as local research analysts for the website, answering questions from the research dashboard to start making money. Customers ask questions, and experts must do research and provide appropriate responses. Prior to the customer being happy with the researcher’s answer, the researcher is not compensated.

You must first fill out an application form if you want to work as a Wonder research analyst. After that, you may decide whether you want to work as a Writer or a Source (Researcher). You must pass a three-step application process that evaluates your critical thinking and English proficiency before you may use Source. You’ll get an email from the company if you pass.

Payment Details

Wonder compensates its researchers using PayPal. A source receives between $8 and $20 per hour, whereas a writer makes between $15 and $18 per hour.


A free resource question and answer website is called HelpOwl. This service helps users by responding to their questions and rewarding those who do so with points. The questioners in this scenario are not paying you to respond to their inquiries, but the more inquiries you respond to, the more points you get. Gift cards may be purchased with these points.

You must first register in order to start answering questions. You may start answering questions and leaving reviews after your account has been verified and you can start earning points. There are several ways to earn points. Up to 1000 points may be earned for rating a business, 50 points for posing a query, and 750 points for responding to a query.

Payment Details

HelpOwl compensates its members with Amazon and Walmart gift cards. You may exchange 50,000 points for a $10 gift card. is another comparable service that pays in Bitcoin.’s premise is to hire specialists from different fields and pay them for replying to emails and executing tasks.

To join, you must first establish a profile and join lists based on your skills and expertise. Upon completion, you will begin to receive messages about your area of expertise from companies, recruiters, and researchers. You might be compensated for responding to them. It’s really that simple. You might also undertake brief projects to supplement your income.

Payment Details offers Bitcoin payments. Thus, if you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, now could be the time. Right, there is nothing to lose.


A question-and-answer website aimed at online tutoring is called StudyPool. Via the program, users may make money online by assisting kids with their homework or other assignments. Tutors just need to explore through a variety of topic areas to choose one and respond to questions about it.

Sign up with your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account to become an instructor. Complete your profile by adding your education and majors after that. Following that, you are free to choose a question from a list to answer.

Payment Details

PayPal is used by StudyPool to pay its instructors. Questions might cost $1 or more.


Fixya is a website that provides answers to difficulties that consumers may be having with their goods. If there are no viable answers, users may ask a question directly, and experts will reply through email. Most experts are not compensated for their replies to enquiries, but if you join up to be a premium expert, you will be.

If you want to become a premium expert, you must engage in the community. Experts are assigned a score ranging from 1-3 based on the quality of their answer. There are also three expert levels. You progress through the stages dependent on how many points you earn. The premium experts are at the pinnacle of their field. After you are a premium expert, you will have access to paid questions, which you may then reply to for cash.

Payment Details

FixYa premium professionals earn between $3 and $5 for each solution they deliver. You may also set your own pay rates and provide live sessions to help individuals. According to reports, they established their premium experts program, although some experts claim to have begun earning money from them later.

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