How to Build a Digital Recipe Box in Google Sheets Perfect Latest Information 2023

If you enjoy cooking but struggle to keep your recipes organised, here’s how to create a digital recipe box in Google Sheets.


That is always successful. You locate the ideal recipe and prepare a delicious dinner, only to forget about it for the next time. Then there are those occasions when you can’t remember what you modified to make a dish so outstanding.

You’ll need a digital recipe box. Obtaining one does not necessitate the use of a single-purpose app, programme, or subscription. You only need Google Sheets. So, how do you use this spreadsheet programme to keep track of your recipes? Continue reading to find out how.

What to Include in Your Google Sheets Recipe Box Layout

If you like cooking but find it difficult to organise your recipes, here’s how to make a digital recipe box in Google Sheets.

It is always a winning strategy. You find the perfect recipe and create a lovely meal, only to forget about it until the next time. Then there are other times when you can’t recall what you changed to make a dish so delicious.

You will require a digital recipe box. Getting one does not need the usage of a one-time app, programme, or subscription. All you need is Google Sheets. So, how do you keep track of your recipes using this spreadsheet programme? Continue reading to learn how.

To begin, add these titles to the columns along the top row of your layout.

After that, you may freeze the top row of your sheet by selecting it, heading to View in the top menu, Freeze, and selecting 1 row. To make filling up the page easier, start adding dropdown lists and colour coding to your columns.

How to Use Dropdown Lists to Organize and Rate Your Recipes in Google Sheets

The category column is a wonderful example of where a dropdown list comes in useful. Rather of inputting the name each time, you may add this information in Google Sheets with a few clicks using dropdown lists. This will help keep your entries consistent, making it easier to discover them as your recipe collection grows.

While adding a dropdown to spreadsheet software may appear daunting, it is actually rather straightforward once you know where to go. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Highlight the Category column.
  2. Hold CMD or CTRL and click on the title cell to deselect it.
  3. Right-click on your mouse or trackpad, or select Insert from the top menu.
  4. Click Dropdown, which will open a sidebar.
  5. List your categories in the text fields. Click Add another item to create more options, or hit Enter or Return.
  6. Color code each option using the dropdown to the left of it.
  7. Hit Done.

These techniques can also be used to build dropdown menus for the Occasion and Rating columns. Dropdown lists are useful for anything with a set of repeated responses.

If you wish to add or update your list of choices later, right-click its cell and select Dropdown to reopen its sidebar. Instead, you may get to it via the Data option at the top. There, you choose the one you want from the list of rules by clicking on Data validation.

Making Notes of Your Recipes in Google Sheets

Dropdown menus for the Occasion and Rating columns may likewise be created using these approaches. Dropdown lists are ideal for any situation that requires a collection of repeated replies.

To add or alter your list of options later, right-click its cell and choose Dropdown to reopen its sidebar. You may also get it from the Data menu at the top. By clicking on Data validation, you may select the desired rule from the list of rules.

It’s best to jot down any adjustments to the recipe straight away so you don’t forget what made your meal a hit the next time you cook it. Add Text wrapping to the column to keep things neat as you go. It is located on the toolbar, alongside the other alignment icons.

Google Sheets employs Overflow by default, which moves the text outside the cell. You can keep it contained with Wrap, but the consequence is that it will modify the height of your cells. Clip will display a preview of your notes, and you can access the entire text by clicking in.

Tips for Keeping a Recipe List in Google Sheets

Generally, Digital Recipe Box are brimming with favourites. While it may be tempting to gather a plethora of recipes to test, doing so will rapidly clog your sheets. Create a method for screening them and prioritise quality above number.

Not all of the recipes you submit must be digital. You may also include its physical location under Link / Location, such as which cookbook and which page.

The source is the same. This may be a magazine, a celebrity chef, or your Aunt Sarah.

In the time column, enter the number of minutes it takes you to prepare the food. Cooking time varies according on the appliance, and prep time varies according to the expertise. This will aid in planning.

It’s simple to share your recipe collection with others. Simply select Share in the upper right corner of your screen, enter their email address in the empty area at the top, and assign them a role before clicking Send.

Scan and save your paper recipes as PDFs before uploading them to Google Drive. You may then link to them in your spreadsheet.

You may also accomplish the same thing by saving webpages as PDFs. That way, if the author changes or removes something, you can still access your preferred version.

Using Filters to Find Recipes

By right-clicking the column heading you want to apply the filter to and selecting Add a filter, you may add a filter to your document. When you do, a symbol (three lines in a triangle) will display beside your column header. When you click it, a menu will appear with the option to organise them alphabetically A-Z or Z-A.

You may also click Filter by condition to filter by text, or scroll to the bottom of the menu to check and uncheck your options under Filter by values.

Easily Find All Your Recipes in Google Sheets

If you enjoy meal planning or are simply weary of losing track of your recipes, maintaining them in Google Sheets is a great option. Not only is it simple to find them, but you can also view this document from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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