How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Stress at Work?

Welcome to our stress at work claims guide. Here, we shall discuss stress at work and bullying at work compensation claims in greater detail. Below, we look at what you may need to know about the average payout for stress at work in 2022 examples.


We also look at how compensation for stress and anxiety in the UK could be calculated if you’re considering suing for emotional distress in the UK. Plus, we look at work related stress compensation for stress caused by bullying at work or undue stress due to a heavy workload.

If you’re considering claiming for stress at work, this guide could give you some very useful information on claims for stress at work. Below, we will also answer such questions as “how much compensation for stress at work”. And we also discuss work-related illness compensation.

We spend a lot of our lives at work in some form or another. Whether you are a welder, office worker, teacher, doctor or lawyer, then the ideal situation is that you enjoy what you do. Claims for stress at work are not ideal, because ideally.

Your employer would have taken steps to address the issues surrounding your stress. However, if they haven’t, you could claim work-related stress pay loss, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

FAQ on compensation for stress and anxiety – who could claim?

UK workplaces are becoming increasingly stressful. Workers are put under pressure due to budget constraints leading to heavier workloads. Therefore, it stands to reason that this can dampen their enjoyment of work.

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Bullying at work compensation claims guide When stress at work or harassment is caused by your employer – either directly or because of unfair work practices, the effects can be extremely debilitating. Some of the initial symptoms of stress can include racing thoughts, feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious, lacking self-esteem.

While you may think this only affects the mind, it can lead to physical symptoms too. These could include, headaches, sleep problems, eating problems, muscle aches and pains and more.

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If you have been forced to take time off due to the stress at work you have encountered, then Accident Claims may be able to help you make stress at work claims for compensation. This could be both for the physical and mental trauma you have experienced. Plus, financial losses you may have suffered too.

If you’d like to speak to our team of experts about your workplace stress compensation, whether it is to ask about stress at work statistics, or to ascertain the average payout for stress at work, then call us now on 0800 073 8801, and we will be happy to help.

Should you like to know more about stress at work before you speak to us, then click the sections below to navigate to your most pressing concerns about No Win No Fee stress at work claims or statistics.

A Guide to Claiming Compensation for Stress at Work Or Bullying at Work Compensation

Stress can, in some small ways, be somewhat of a motivator at work. However, when heavy or prolonged stress causes you to become ill, then you may feel more demotivated than you ever have. The mental, emotional and physical symptoms associated with stress can have far-reaching consequences.

Consequences can affect both our careers and our relationships as well as our own health. If you or someone you know is suffering or has suffered from heavy or prolonged amounts of stress due to the workplace, employer, or unsafe working practices, it is only right that you should be compensated for it.

How much compensation for stress and anxiety could I receive?

If you are wondering how much compensation can I claim, then it is important to remember that here at Accident Claims, we have heard tales of stress at work many times before. We are on hand to offer actionable advice on how much can you claim for work-related stress with no obligation to utilise our workplace.

Stress compensation services should you not wish to do so. If you do, we will walk through the steps needed to make workplace stress claims, advise you of the process itself, and provide an experienced solicitor to fight your case for you, ultimately leading to the best chance of securing compensation for work-related stress and depression.

How long do I have to claim?

You may have only realised after leaving a position that you have been under stress at work, and if this is the case, you may be under the misapprehension that you wouldn’t have a claim. Generally, you have 3 years from the date of the incident to start a claim. There are some exceptions to this rule if the claimant is under 18 or doesn’t have the mental capacity to claim.

In the guide below, we hope to answer all of the pressing questions you have about making a claim, along with providing information on how common stress is in the workplace, and what can cause workplace stress, such as being bullied at work. Should you have any questions about stress at work compensation payouts or anything else about making a work-related stress claim. We can easily assist with No Win No Fee stress at work claims if you get in contact with us.

Work Related Stress Statistics

Stress can be difficult to cope with, and you may feel like you are the only person dealing with it. However, this is not the case. A simple look at the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) website shows some shocking statistics about how common workplace stress is.

According to 2021 statistics from the HSE:

  • Around 822,000 workers suffered from stress, depression or anxiety in 2020/21.
  • 451,000 workers reported suffering from a new case of work-related stress, depression or anxiety.
  • The three sectors with higher than average rates of depression, stress and anxiety between 2018 and 2021 were public admin/defence, human health/social work and education.
 average payout for stress at work in 2022 [h2] average payout for stress at work compensation for stress and anxiety

Whatever the cause of your stress in the workplace or the industry you work in, making a claim for work-related stress is something that you should consider seriously. Only by taking action to claim compensation for stress at work can an employer’s action or negligence be highlighted and measures to prevent the same thing from happening to other staff members. Contact us anytime about potentially claiming stress at work compensation/work-related illness compensation.

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