How Much Car Crash Compensation Can I Claim?

By Daniel Sisko. Last Updated 21st April 2023. In this guide to Car Crash accident claims, you’ll find information on when and how you could potentially make a car accident claim and how much compensation for car accidents in the UK could be appropriate.


We include top tips for claiming car crash compensation payouts in the UK and explain why the average compensation for a car accident in the UK could have no bearing on how much you could claim. We’ll explore different potential car accident claim payouts in depth.

We’ll also talk about making personal injury claims for a car accident involving hit-and-run compensation and explain why ‘what is the average payout for a car accident in the UK for 2022?’ might be the wrong question to ask. Plus, we provide car accident compensation examples for UK claims Car Crash.

If you’re looking to claim compensation from a car accident, whether you want to sue for emotional distress because of a car accident or you’re looking for a PTSD settlement offer in the UK after a car accident, this car accident compensation claim guide is for you.

How much compensation Car Crash in the UK could I claim?

So, if you’re asking ‘what is the average payout for a car accident in the UK?’, or have any other related questions, then this guide could provide vital information. This guide also includes information on car accident solicitors and how hiring such a solicitor could benefit any claim you could potentially make.

If you would like to speak to an adviser about car accident injury claims, then you can contact the Accident Claims team on 0800 073 8801 or you can speak to us online using our 24/7 live chat service.

Making sense of car accident claims

Have you been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Do you intend on making car accident claims or road traffic accident compensation claims? If so, then this guide about car accident compensation will be extremely informative.

Road traffic accidents happen daily in the UK. In most cases, these incidents involve minor injuries. However, there are also instances whereby people suffer severe injuries and even fatal injuries. We have helped many personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve for all road traffic accidents.

Handling cases of this nature is something we have over 40 years of experience in, securing millions of pounds worth of compensation for road traffic accident victims. If you have been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, then you may consider pursuing a No Win No Fee car accident compensation claim. Please read on to find out everything you need to know.

A guide to car accident claims and road traffic accident compensation claims

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Car Accident Claims Guide Unfortunately, car accidents are prevalent in the UK, and various factors could be to blame. If you have sustained injuries due to a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, rightly, you may consider making a car accident claim for the damages you’ve suffered.

Throughout this guide, we outline everything that you need to know about claiming for a road traffic accident. This includes details on car accident compensation payout amounts, eligibility, common road traffic accident injuries, and how to go about making a claim. You will also find information on how to get in touch with our claims team should you have any additional questions or wish to launch a claim.

What is a car accident?

A car accident is any incident that involves a car or road user. One of the most common incidents is when two vehicles collide. However, there are also cases where a vehicle could collide with a motorbike or bicycle.

Or, it could be an incident whereby a pedestrian suffers injury due to a vehicle. So long as you were not to blame, you can launch a compensation case.

The steps to take if you have been involved in a car accident

When it comes to making a car accident claim that wasn’t your fault, you need to take steps to gather as much evidence as possible. There are various measures you could take, such as:

  • Take photographs of the scene.
  • Collect the contact information of the driver and any witnesses.
  • Make sure you note some details of the other vehicles involved as well.
  • You should also see a doctor as soon as possible. This is vital for your health and building a strong case, as your medical file can be requested at a later date to support your claim.

How to begin your road traffic accident compensation claim

Car accident claims whiplash claims follow a similar process. Once you call us, we will provide you with a consultation, free of charge. This involves one of our advisors asking you some questions to better understand your case and provide you with the best possible advice.

You can also ask us any questions you have. We will then assign you the best No Win No Fee solicitor to work on your case. If you need to be seen by a doctor, we can organise this for you.

Many people ask us when it comes to car accident compensation, how long does it take? We wish we could give you a definitive answer to this, but every case is different. Some claims are straightforward and finalised within months; others are more complex and can take over a year.

Once you call us, we provide more aligned information with you and your case. An essential factor to note is that you only have three years from the accident date to make a claim, so don’t delay.

Time Limits For A Car Accident Settlement

The Limitation Act 1980 outlines the three-year time limit to starting a personal injury claim for compensation. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example:

  • Injured children – If the injured party is under 18, then their 3-year time limit is suspended until they become an adult. They cannot make their own claim before this date. A litigation friend and pursue a settlement on their behalf while they’re unable to do so.
  • Those who lack the mental capacity to claim – A litigation friend can also be appointed to claim on behalf of someone without the capacity to claim themselves. Their time limit is also suspended indefinitely. If the injured party regains the ability to claim, then the three-year time limit to pursue their own claim would begin from this date.

To find out more about time limits and car crash compensation payouts in the UK, get in touch with our advisors today.

Fatal car accident claims

When it comes to fatal car accidents, such as a death caused by careless driving, some relatives could be eligible to claim compensation. This could potentially cover the cost of a funeral or loss of companionship in some cases.

Eligible claimants could also claim general damages and special damages for their own losses as a result of the death.

Claiming for a car accident that has happened at work

If you have been injured while you were at work, you will be able to claim compensation if it was not your fault. It would be best to have evidence that highlighted how your employer is to blame for the incident.

There are many different ways your employer could be at fault. This includes failing to maintain the vehicles used, a lack of training, and failure to carry out risk assessments. Many people are fearful about claiming against their employer,

As they worry they will face the consequences if they do, i.e. they may lose their job. This is something you shouldn’t worry about, as your employer is only going to land him or herself in further trouble if you lose your job.

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