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Bitcoin is gaining in popularity and, as a result, in price. Do you own any cryptocurrencies Poll ? Please let us know!


Most people didn’t comprehend Bitcoin a decade ago, and many hadn’t ever heard of it. There are now several online tutorials that explain all you need to know about Bitcoin and if you should invest in it.

Given this heightened visibility, we’re curious: have you invested in cryptocurrencies, or are you staying away for the time being?

Cryptocurrency Rose to Popularity in 2009 With Bitcoin

Nowadays, there are other distinct cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin was the first. Bitcoin was created in early 2009 by a computer programmer (or maybe many programmers) going under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin’s genuine identity has never been established.

Although being one of the first types of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is somewhat sluggish in comparison to its faster counterparts. Despite this, it remains the most popular alternative, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with how bitcoin works. Bitcoin is sometimes seen as the “safe” option for newcomers, although there are significant hazards for crypto investors regardless of the virtual currency they invest in.

There Are Risks, Just Like Any Investment

Volatility is one of the most significant dangers involved with investing in cryptocurrencies. Many individuals are aware that stocks are considered high-risk investments since there is no way to predict whether or not your investment will be lucrative. Bitcoin is exactly the same—if not riskier since it is less stable.

Apart from the fact that bitcoin is very volatile, there is also the possibility of cybertheft or hacking. You must be exceedingly cautious about phishing attempts and maintain constant awareness of your digital wallet and its private keys. Some cryptocurrency organisations provide additional precautions or offer to host your digital wallet for you, but you are relying on that cryptocurrency company not to get hacked and lose your information and assets.

All of this is to say that there are significant dangers associated with any investment that has the potential to pay out as much as bitcoin or equities. You should not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose, as with any high-risk investment.

Is There Anything in Your Crypto Wallet?

  • Have you yet taken the plunge and invested in the fascinating, but perplexing, world of cryptocurrency? I’ve never bought cryptocurrencies, but I know a lot of people who have, including my spouse. He put money into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other tiny cryptocurrencies in 2015, and he made roughly $500!
  • I’m not sure if I’ll invest in cryptocurrency in the future. I suppose that crypto may be a good complement to an investing portfolio that includes both low-risk and high-risk alternatives, but I’d like to do more investigation. So, how about you? Do you already hold bitcoin in a digital wallet, or are you still debating if crypto is a viable investment for you?
  • Those who do not own bitcoin may just gaze at the crypto market’s turmoil in 2022 — they have no vested interest. But, according to a recent NerdWallet poll, many Americans are involved in cryptocurrency, and misunderstandings about their investments might be damaging when things are unpredictable.
  • According to and at the time of the NerdWallet study, conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 respondents on May 25-27, an estimated 64 million Americans held cryptocurrencies. Then, quite early in the present crypto market turmoil, more than half (54%) of those investors stated that if the market appeared unstable, they would sell their crypto. Understanding the principles behind this innovation and generating monetary strategies is important for individuals who have left the market as well as those who are now riding it.
  • Note: Throughout this research, “present” crypto owners and investors refer to people who possessed cryptocurrency at the time the poll was conducted.
  • According to the latest study, more than two-thirds (68%) of Americans do not completely comprehend the concept of cryptocurrency and how it operates. Maybe more telling, 37% of existing cryptocurrency investors agree.
  • “The technology underlying bitcoin is complex, and many of the principles are being tested using real money donated by common people,” writes NerdWallet investment writer Andy Rosen. “Anyone interested with cryptocurrency, especially today, should do their study and ensure they truly understand what they’re dealing with.”

Key findings

One-quarter of all Americans (25%) presently hold cryptocurrencies. Males own 33% (vs. 16% of women), millennials own 42% (vs. 31% of Generation Zers, 27% of Generation Xers, and 7% of baby boomers), and Black non-Hispanic Americans hold 32% (vs. 29% Hispanic and 20% white non-Hispanic Americans).

The average crypto value represents both small and major investors. Current cryptocurrency owners estimate that their assets are worth $5,512 on average. Yet, one in every five existing cryptocurrency owners (20%) believes the value is less than $100.

The most prevalent rationale for holding cryptocurrency is for investment diversification. 48% of Americans who have ever held cryptocurrency said they did so to diversify their finances. Popularity on social media is cited by nearly one-third (31%) of respondents.

Even existing cryptocurrency owners are perplexed by cryptocurrency. Over two-thirds (64%) of existing crypto owners believe cryptocurrency principles are overly complicated, and 37% believe they do not completely comprehend the notion of crypto and how it operates.

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