Can you sell ai generated art? 5 Ways Generative AI

What effects will generative AI have on the labor market? Here are a few ways that this cutting-edge technology will alter the nature of work in the future.


The year is 2023, and generative AI technologies are sweeping the globe. While tech enthusiasts are thrilled to see the technology advance quickly and learn all the ways it can be put to use, many also worry that it will cause a large-scale unemployment problem.

Truth About ai

The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle, as it does in most situations. We’re providing some of our top predictions on how generative AI will affect the labor market in the next years to assist you to know what to anticipate and better prepare yourself.

A new ability called prompt engineering has emerged with the development of generative AI technologies. Its basic premise is that it is critical to understand how to create effective prompts since the answers you receive from an AI tool depend much on how effectively you articulate your question.

Your responsibility as a prompt engineer is to create prompts that elicit particular replies in order to optimize the huge language model of an AI tool while also spotting faults and untapped potential.

Fact-Checking Is Going to Become a Big Career

Accuracy is one of the main issues with text-based generative AI techniques like ChatGPT. When speaking with ChatGPT, you automatically believe what it is saying. But keep in mind that these AI tools simply present information in a way that appears human-like and is interpreted as reliable because they have no way of knowing if what they are saying is true.

White-Collar Workers’ Productivity Will Soar

We saw how Google is incorporating generative AI into its Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Similar practices are being used by Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of productivity tools. More businesses are using the technology in their own products as well.

Since these generative AI capabilities in workspace apps are still in testing and haven’t been fully rolled out yet, you might dismiss them as a fad. But that would be a huge mistake. Once developed and available to everyone, these AI tools will help skyrocket productivity for white-collar workers around the world.

For some, this might be alarming, as they fear they might lose their jobs. And though that is a valid fear, you may find reassurance in knowing the reasons AI can’t replace humans at work. What’s perhaps more likely is that AI will simply remove the drudgery out of office work and allow more room for planning and creative thought.

Creative Jobs Will Become Much Easier

Speaking of creativity, creative AI tools like DALL-E and Midjourney have taken the art world by storm. We won’t get into how many artists are protesting against the use of such tools, as they deem it unfair to have them use their copyrighted artwork for reference.

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